about trauma and grief recovery

Nearly every individual experiences trauma and/or grief at some point in their life.  It can take the form of  an event or experience such as the passing of a loved one, an accident, sexual or physical assault, violence or violation of a person or property.  

Sustained trauma are ongoing and/or compounding in nature: military combat, life threatening illness or disease, intimate partner and domestic violence, sexual harassment, verbal and emotional abuse, a sexual violence. In all cases the mind, body, and spirit are challenged to acknowledge, process, and formulate protective responses. These often manifest into anxiety-centric disorders such as PTSI or PTSD.

A core focus of my individual practice considers how trauma and grief informs our choices and often impedes our ability to :

  • feel safe, secure, and confident,
  • define and reach goals,
  • enjoy healthy productive relationships, and
  • envision a future state that meets the inherent desire for happiness, love, and peace.

A primary emphasis of my work involves adults living abusive childhood histories. Many are thrust into full-blown "warrior-survivor" mode and forced to reconcile very "adult" acts  through the tender emotional capacity of younger, developing hearts and minds. These child-defined survival mechanisms carry forward into adulthood and often manifest into addictive, unhealthy patterns and behaviors such as:

  • chemical addiction,
  • workaholism,
  • eating disorders, and
  • co-dependency.

Most struggle with varying degrees of anxiety and fight or flight response patterns. There may be periods of great sadness and depression, guilt and self-blame, shame... wondering if this is "as good as it gets." Some have searched tirelessly for the "magic bullet" that will make it all make sense and end up frustrated, exhausted, and despondent.

This is the most tender part of my work as a coach and guide.  I bring the full weight of my professional trainings and temper these "textbook learnings" with my own "lived experiences" gained over the past two decades as I worked to find a lasting peace from the trauma, abuse, and pain I experienced.   

To me, trauma and grief are subjective experiences and there is no cookie-cutter,  one-size fits all, fool-proof approach. Re-patterning life long methods of survival requires patience and persistence.  I offer a steady hand to hold and guide through reconciliation and resolution. Together we explore and mix method and practice and uncover the possibilities to live forward.  Many take comfort as they walk with a "knowing" soul and open heart as they seek greater levels of insight, healing, growth, and enlightenment.


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