Untethered is a story about letting go. It's a story about change and transformation.  How I realized that in order to have the life I actually wanted, I needed to let go of every thing I had created to survive.  

I consider life a series of choices and these form life’s tenets – friends, romantic partners, careers, behaviors, and wellness. At the age of ten, I made choices to cope with traumatic, abusive events that occurred in the years following my father’s death.  I manifested those into destructive, addictive behaviors as an adult. I was guarded and had a manic need for achievement and perfection. Work became a safe harbor and morphed into a dangerous, frenzied addiction. Until the moment I wondered if it was possible to change my life’s choices and create a purpose-driven life based on my heart’s ideals and soul’s intentions.

There wasn’t one method, no “app”, for change. I dug deeply into my roots and found harsh, painful truth amidst the muck. When my desire for clarity and resolve outweighed fear, the world opened. A beautiful grace emerged when I embraced the imperfect mess that is life. There were moments of great triumph, and others I felt as if I had I landed face down in a mud puddle. I became my own, most powerful secret weapon.  Change came from within me, because of me, because the whole person who lived within wanted to thrive.

I considered all the ways I could share how I traversed this trail.  In the end, I decided to listen to the voice of that little girl who first made the choice to survive all those years ago. This is her story. It’s my story, and I hope it encourages you forward on whatever path you choose, and embrace it with openness, humility, and love.

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