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Seminars and retreats dive deeply into a specific issue. I am a founding member of the The Next Chapter Associates, a group of five coaches that share a common passion and method to work with others at the points of life's transitions.  Our current offerings focus primarily on the transition into retirement. 

Turning the Page - a three-hour session to introduce methods and philosophies with respect to how individuals best transition mid-life career objectives to later stage life aspirations.  The focus is on concepts of adult growth and development and the impact of change throughout life’s journey.  A portion of the agenda addresses the common obstacles and barriers that can block the pathways to achieving goals.  Participants leave with access and insight into various tools and resources, to help them begin their planning process with respect to the “non-financial” elements of life planning.

What Will I Be Next - two- and three-day retreat formats that offer a “deep dive” into the particulars of change, the aspects and impact of change, and how to build purposeful, passion-driven life plans around what is “next” in life. The agenda blends knowledge transfer,and sharing opportunities in large and small groups, as well as connection with other individuals addressing similar questions. The framework allows ample time for self-reflection and exploration. Participants leave with a plan, developed by themselves, with the guidance and support of an expert facilitation staff and fellow participants.  








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