reflecting grace...

My presentation style blends experiential wisdom with empirical theory to bring a holistic perspective to the conversation.   Motivational keynotes can be structured in length from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on need.  I tailor each engagement based on the audience and objectives...

  • Corporate retreats and conferences
  • Non-profit organizations and fundraising benefits
  • Trauma and violence recovery 

I am honored to be invited to corporate retreats and conferences,  annual sales meetings, or events where there's interest in conversing, exploring, and sharing around the ideas of change, balance, purpose, growth, and enrichment.

My goal is to create a compelling conversation and  I work with each group to understand the event's objectives and discuss how topics may be blended and integrated to best suit.  I love to engage the audience with activities as well as offer a few moments of "quiet" for self-reflection. 

Reflecting Grace

I believe that life is a series of choices. In 2009, I dared myself to live a different life. I waged a battle between my ego that wanted to protect and withhold from a guarded stance of fear and my heart that longed to live unburdened from a space of possibility.  There were moments of great triumph and others I felt as if I had landed face down in a mud puddle.  In time, I realized that I was my most powerful secret weapon.  Change can from within me, because of me, because the whole person who lived within wanted to thrive.

In time, I experienced powerful healing and a sense of peace I had never known.  It was as if I was completely new person – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Everything seemed to be falling into place. Until one day…. I was working alone in a client's office when a young man wandered in – somehow chemically or mentally altered, angry, and armed.  He was seeking a new life and demanded that I help him find it.

In the few secondsI had to formulate a plan.  As I stood in the face of my own mortality, I made a powerful choice as I met this man not in a place of anger or fear, but rather of peace and compassion.  In the space of less than five minutes, this man showed me the vast possibility to meet any challenge in life by reflecting grace…