motivational speaking and seminar formats and topics

I offer half and full day seminar and workshop formats for businesses and group events. Topics also can be adapted to "lunch and learn" formats.  Motivational keynotes can be structured in length from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on need. 

I am delighted to be invited to corporate retreats and conferences,  annual sales meetings, or events where there's interest in conversing, exploring, and sharing around the ideas of change, balance, purpose, growth, and enrichment.

My goal is to create a compelling conversation and I work with each group to understand the event's objectives and discuss how topics may be blended and integrated to best suit.  I love to engage the audience with activities as well as offer a few moments of "quiet" for self-reflection,. 

My presentation style blends experiential wisdom, with empirical theory to bring a holistic perspective to the subject matter. My goal is to share stories and information meant to compel one forward on their path. 

Seminars & Workshops

Where's the "App" for Change?

Our lives have become on-demand, 24/7, and an expectation of instant response. Yet, in the space of change and transformation, the process is anything but.  Studies have shown that lasting change is a product of commitment, learning and unlearning, increasing awareness, and re-directing our inner guidance mechanisms. My transformative journey spanned nearly seven years and this conversation explores how change comes from intention first, and implementation becomes a series of deliberate, knowing choices as we journey toward our "better" self, and aspirational passion and purpose. 

A New Twist on Work-Life Balance

A thought provoking conversation to the corporate community regarding the roots of work addiction and its far reaching and often devastating impact to the organization.  I debunk the theory of "work-life balance" and offer instead  a new paradigm  to achieve balance -- not with work --  with life.  I draw upon my own journey to find an appropriate and productive relationship with my  career as she offer practical ideas and methods to help others in search of an enriched, wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Motivational Keynotes

"Me too..."

In my travels, I have had the privilege of meeting many people and shared many stories.  Whether I am in front of a large group, a small meeting of people, or an individual seeking healing support, I am always struck by that moment a connection is made with two simple words... "me too."  It’s nearly impossible to tune into any media channel and not hear about domestic and sexual violence.   Even with the volume (and heat) turned up on this subject, there’s a voice that is often quiet or silent. It belongs to the individual living with it.  This is a more intimate, off the “soap box” perspective of violence and abuse, and the survivor’s journey - my journey - to understanding, acceptance, and peace.