Personal Development Retreats 

The Kauila Project offers  private and semi-private retreat experiences for individuals and businesses.  

We set most of our personal retreat experiences in Sedona, Maui, and will travel to virtually any destination in the world. We create a space where you can escape the noise and clutter of daily life, immerse yourself in the spectacular beauty of nature, and begin your journey to perspective, clarity, and purpose.  We invite you to spend the weekend or week with us and expand your perspective and explore the idea of possibility.

If you are interested in half day or full day experiences, please check out our workshops overview... click here. Don't have time to travel, we also offer several online programs that will allow you to continue your journey in a context that is amenable to your schedules.

 Many participants are approaching or have arrived at one of life's many crossroads - seeking an enriching experience to make choices and encouraging themselves along their path.  For some, it feels like the first time that they have been the priority in their own lives.  Most aspire to  a "well" and "whole" life  encompassing mind, body, and spirit.

The intention of each experience  is to allow you to take a moment, hit the "pause" button, and listen to your heart and soul.  Our programs are designed for anyone who is curious about the possibility of creating a purpose and passion driven life.   Our goal is to create the best possible opportunity to absorb your experience as it's occurring.  We craft and balance our agendas with group activities and sharing, private time with the retreat guides, and quiet time for self exploration. 

Our time in session blends proven method with practical wisdom as we explore the fundamentals of change.  We share our insight and demonstrate how you can successfully chart your course through transition and transformation. There are group activities, private time with the retreat guides, and quiet time for self exploration.  We wrap in various activities such as hiking, yoga, and meditation to connect all dimensions of our spirit.  Our guides also share some of the most sacred locations and help you tap into the special magic of each destination!

Every journey is individual, even if experienced in a group environment.  Every experience includes opportunities to dig deep into your soul, visualize your dreams, and create an intentional path to your goals. 



Seminars & Workshops