motivational conversations

My presentation style blends experiential wisdom with empirical ideas and theories to bring a holistic perspective to the conversation.  Motivational keynotes can be structured in length from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on need.  I tailor each engagement based on the audience and objectives...

  • Corporate retreats, annual meetings, and sales conferences
  • Non-profit organization events and fundraising benefits
  • Trauma and violence recovery support groups & events

I am honored to be invited to share a conversation and explore the ideas of change, balance, purpose, and growth.  My goal is to create a compelling conversation and  I work with each group to understand the event's objectives and discuss how topics may be blended to best suit.  Most formats include some level of audience engagement as well  a few moments of "quiet" for self-reflection. 

A Strategy & Formula for Balanced Living

Subjects:  Work-Life Balance, Organizational Intelligence, Leadership Development, Mind-Body-Spirit

Ideal for any audience, this conversation focuses on the idea that inner happiness is derived from a sense of balance.  We explore various theories of  "work-life balance" and the roots of workaholism.  

We then shift to a new paradigm  - a formula - to achieve balance -- not with work --  but with life. I draw upon my own journey to find an appropriate and productive relationship with my  life as I offer practical ideas and methods to help others in search of an enriched, wellness-oriented lifestyle.


How to Let Go & Live from a Space of Purpose & Grace

Subjects:  General Motivation, Transformation & Change, Survivor's Journey

Ideal for any audience, this conversation focuses on the ability to create lasting change and actively practice the ideals of compassion and grace in all aspects of our lives.

In 2009, I dared myself to live a different life.  I wondered if it was possible to live from place of passion, purpose, and love. I challenged myself to uproot and let go of the deepest hurts in my life.  

This is the story of how I let go of everything I thought I needed to survive, so that I could have the life I wanted to live. 


How the Power of Connection Creates the Possibility for Healing

Subjects:  Survivors Journey, Trauma Recovery, PTSD, Sexual Violence, Child Abuse

Ideal for group in conversation about survivor of trauma and/or violence. This conversation explores how trauma lives within us, and how we can live forward in a productively and peacefully.   

 Nearly every individual experiences trauma and/or grief at some point in their life.  The mind, body, and spirit are challenged to acknowledge, process, and formulate protective responses.   

Whether I am in front of a large group or sitting with an individual seeking healing support, I am always struck by that moment a connection is made with two simple words... "me too."