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Aspire, explore, and evolve.


I founded the Kauila Project to support others in search of greater depth, perspective, and balance. The core belief is rooted in the perspective of change as a perpetual state, and healing as an attainable goal within everyone's reach.

We offer private and semi-private retreat experiences for individuals, half and full day seminar,  workshop, and motivational keynote  formats for businesses and events.

Our approaches blend proven methods and theories as we create a space that enables and supports you  to consider choices, open to possibility, and uncover and conquer resistance and barriers that inhibit progress and success. 

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Books, blogs, etc. 


The written word is where my mind, heart, and soul roam free.  I love to wander and wonder about life and share the treasures I find along the way. 

Untethered is the story of how I let go of everything I thought I needed to survive in order to create the life I wanted to live. 

Becoming Kate is a collection of twelve lessons I needed to learn about life so that I could have the live fully into my heart, passion, and purpose. 

My blog  covers a spectrum of ideas regarding transition and transformation, as well as how I navigate life as a recovering workaholic.

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Converse, interact, and learn.


My  coaching practice focuses on the "next"... how a business or an individual realizes and actualizes their goals in an world that is constantly shifting and evolving around them.

My purpose is to help open a space  as you consider choices, set intentions and goals, and uncover and conquer resistance and barriers that inhibit progress and success. Together we walk as you traverse the trail and journey toward your aspirations. 

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